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"A Camera is a save button for the
minds eye"
- Roger Kingston
"Life is Photography, we develop from the negatives..."
"I really hate it when someone looks at my photos and says, "Wow you must have a good  camera"
- Ansel Adams
"Make a statement without saying a word"

                  "To Me Photography Is An Art                                                                Of Observation .   

                     Its About  Finding Something                                      Interesting...           An Ordinary  Place...

                         I've Found This Has Little To       

                           Do With The Things You See 

                          And  Everything To Do With   

                                 The Way  You See Them."

"I don't trust words, I trust pictures"
- Giles Peress
"A good snapshot stops a  moment from running away"

About Me

I live in Donnybrook a country town in Western Australia

I have lived in the Country area of Western Australia most of my life, in different areas. I have lived in Koorda, Cadoux, Wongan Hills, Beacon, Busselton, Gnowangerup, Muntadgin, Bullsbrook and Narrogin. So I have seen alot of W.A and have taken in alot of the different scenery's it has to offer. I also spent 3 years living in and around Tamworth in NSW which gave me new things to photograph.  I have loved Photography since I was in primary school in about year 6.

We had a caravan/darkroom come to our tiny school

Muntadgin in the wheatbelt area of W.A. Australia.

It was my first taste of how to develop and take photos.

I started studying the Diploma in Photography after year 12 but never finished it as I got married and moved to live on a farm.

I have always continued to take photos all my life and I am now at the time where I would like to share some

of them with everyone. If you are looking for a photographer for weddings, babies or anything send me a message.

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